Business access control systems track and control access to areas in a commercial building.  Our commercial access control systems involve issuing access credentials such as proximity cards, swipe cards, fobs, biometric readers and remotes. Every person who is authorised to enter the premises or designated area will use the device issued to gain access.

Access control is a building management system that tracks who goes where and when and/or controls access to certain areas. There are many systems to choose from and some are tailored a specific industry or type of facility.

Proximity card readers and electronic locking devices are installed on all restricted access areas and the system is then programmed to define the entrances, times and rules of entry for each credential holder. This information is then distributed to the various door, elevator and control panels to enable access to be granted to valid credential holders on presentation of their cards.

Commercial access control technology

We offer the very latest access control technology, including proximity readers, swipe card readers, Biometric readers (finger print recognition) and wireless systems. The best solution will depend on the user and administrators’ requirements.

Oliver-Ramsay staff have provided access control solutions for small business, apartments and corporate offices, schools and colleges, hospitals, pharmacies and medical centres as well as hotels, sporting facilities, logistics depots and warehouses, and manufacturing and industrial factories.

If you are looking for an access control solution for an upcoming project or tender, just call us and we will be very happy to assist.

Does your business access control system meet your needs?

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