Oliver-Ramsay Security is proud of its involvement in the development and supply of a range of technologically advanced systems. Guardtek Post/m-Post by Trackforce is a state of the art, on the go, web-based security officer management system.

The system’s capability allows us to provide our clients with the following in real-time:

  • Security Officer Operations (Rostering)
  • Incident Reporting (With option to attach video and photos)
  • Event & Activity Reporting (View up to date duty reports)
  • Customised forms specifically for the site and/or client (ie. Incident report forms)
  • Post Order Management (Delivers updates and notifications, Job Order dispatch, Site Orders and duties updated across all sites immediately)
  • Time and Attendance Tracking
  • Employee Training and Certification Alerts
  • Visitor Registrations
  • Guard Tours & Patrols
  • Geo-location & Officer Dispatch (Identifies the officer’s location)
  • Lone Worker Capabilities

Guardtek offers the client a portal that will give them access to real-time downloaded patrol information, shift log reports, rostering and the ability to send through last minute or additional duties directly to the security officers’ PCs and mobiles.

Oliver-Ramsay Security are one of the few select security guard providers in Australia who offer Guardtek Post/m-Post as a value add package to our corporate security clients.   Our experienced team can help tailor this system and all of its various functions to meet the needs of any business or facility.