Posted on 24 April, 2017

Airport security screening wait times are getting increasingly unmanageable due to more travellers, an increase in the volume of carry-on bags, and the need for tighter security measures after events such as the attacks in Brussels and Paris. Many of the issues slowing down passengers cannot be efficiently solved simply by adding more staff.

The Kansas City Star reported that “as TSA takes heat over long airport lines, KCI travelers take it easy”. A reason KCI travelers take it easy is because KCI utilises GuardTek Aviation to manage its screening process.

GuardTek Aviation has been specifically designed to support the airport security screening process, providing accurate and real time tracking of security officers and the screening process itself. Supervisors are able to track staff in real time, a key element in providing efficient and comprehensive airport security.

The most pertinent integrated feature of the software is queue flow technology, which is connected to a waiting time calculation system to allow for the appropriate amount of personnel dispatched based on the queue and expected passenger flow.
The software also monitors the time security officers spend at screening (x-ray) to ensure enough time is spent to keep their credentials.

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