Posted on 03 March, 2020

Some time ago, one of our valued clients, Fancy on Ferguson in Williamstown, had a gang of three ladies shoplifting garments, including a fur coat from the store. The whole episode was captured in glorious detail by the camera system installed by Oliver-Ramsay Security. The footage led to the thieves being identified and charged.
Well, the wheels of justice grind slowly, but this week Fancy on Ferguson received a letter from the Magistrates Court of Victoria explaining that the main offender has been successfully tried and the outcome was a letter of apology from the thief as well as payment for the stolen garments.
It was great to be a part of getting this result for our client and show that the system can really work!
Here’s the post from “Fancy on Ferguson’s” Facebook Page….
Some of you may remember we hit the news a year ago with some pretty interesting footage of a theft that took place at our store. We have been delighted with the outcome of our justice system where we have been repaid for what was stolen, with a letter of apology. Thanks Willi Police, you’re the best!!