Reasons Why Your Business Needs Security Cameras

Posted on 03 August, 2021

In Australia, during 2020, there were a total of 579,894 Victims of Theft, Robbery and Unlawful Entry. That’s nearly 1600 per day! The best deterrent for burglary and theft is equipping your business with a security system, which can range in cost and performance based on the size of your facility and surveillance needs. Not […]

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Security Cameras for Management Review & Process Improvement

Posted on 26 July, 2021

The processes that occur in manufacturing facilities can involve a lot of moving parts and people. Production and Floor Supervisors cannot hope to monitor every second and every detail of a process with their eyes alone. A manufacturing plant surveillance camera system can greatly assist the efforts of a Production Supervisor by giving them access […]

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Cannabis Start-up Installation

Posted on 17 February, 2021

Cannabis Start-up Installation Oliver-Ramsay Security has recently been working with Medicinal Cannabis Startup. The site has required an enormous effort to make it comply with the Office of Drug Control (Federal Government) requirements. We can’t say too much at this point, other than it has been “all hands to the pumps” to get this done […]

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Windfarm Security: Massive reduction in theft, arrests and charges laid.

Posted on 09 March, 2020

Oliver-Ramsay Security has recently been working to protect a major installation of more than 100 Wind Towers for Power Generation.  The company was having severe issues with theft of Copper Conductors and other expensive componentry.  One single theft was more than $150,000, and there were a large number of such thefts over several months. The site […]

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Granny Grab Update – Part 2

Posted on 03 March, 2020

Some time ago, one of our valued clients, Fancy on Ferguson in Williamstown, had a gang of three ladies shoplifting garments, including a fur coat from the store. The whole episode was captured in glorious detail by the camera system installed by Oliver-Ramsay Security. The footage led to the thieves being identified and charged. Well, […]

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Oliver-Ramsay Security Supplies & Supports Race Control Camera System for Supercars at Sandown

Posted on 25 September, 2018

The Oliver-Ramsay Security technicians spent the weekend trackside at Sandown, setting up and supporting a Remote, Wireless HD CCTV System covering the whole circuit. It is critical that Race Control have access to high quality digital CCTV footage to maintain safety on the track and make informed decisions regarding racing incidents. Getting the WIFI links […]

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Oliver-Ramsay Security delivers Solar Powered Camera Solution to Food Manufacturer, on time and under budget

Posted on 03 September, 2018

Oliver-Ramsay Security delivers Solar Powered Camera Solution to Food Manufacturer, on time and under budget The Oliver-Ramsay Security technical team recently delivered an interesting solution to one of our valued customers in the Food Manufacturing sector. Our customer needed a CCTV Camera with Night Vision Capability in an area with no available power or network […]

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Granny Grab Update: Retail CCTV helps catch thieves

Posted on 05 July, 2018

A brief update to our earlier post regarding the three women caught on CCTV stealing fashion items from ‘Fancy on Ferguson’ in Williamstown… Police have advise that three women are assisting them with their enquiries! It looks like there might be a very welcome outcome to this story. Excellent CCTV footage from Oliver Ramsay Security, […]

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Granny Grab – Theft from Williamstown retail store

Posted on 25 June, 2018

The High Definition CCTV footage from Oliver-Ramsay Security will be critical in bringing an organised group of Williamstown shop thieves to justice. It has also assisted our client to identify other areas for improvement to stop such security breaches happening again, such as changes to shop layout and improved staff awareness of customer activity in the shop.

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Cheap CCTV cameras broadcasting Australians’ private lives online

Posted on 30 August, 2017

Cheap and poorly installed CCTV systems are broadcasting Australians’ private lives online. Beyond invading privacy, the exposed cameras are providing an easy access point for criminal hackers. Security expert Robin Stenzel alerted 9NEWS to the problem: an open, free to access website that organises and links to any insecure CCTV feed around the world. “This […]

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