Posted on 03 August, 2021

In Australia, during 2020, there were a total of 579,894 Victims of Theft, Robbery and Unlawful Entry. That’s nearly 1600 per day!

The best deterrent for burglary and theft is equipping your business with a security system, which can range in cost and performance based on the size of your facility and surveillance needs. Not only can a professionally installed security system help deter crime, but electronic surveillance can also help reduce insurance costs — many insurance providers offer discounted rates when you buy security cameras for your store or office.
With modern security products, you have access to remote video surveillance monitoring, wireless integration for instant remote notifications, and even access control to areas that need an extra layer of security.

Approximately 60% of commercial burglary attempts happen after hours when employees aren’t at work. But state-of-the-art security systems never take time off, and the latest and greatest 4K cameras deliver crystal-clear images of unwanted intruders for business owners to supply to law enforcement. Gone are the days of grainy footage and inadmissible video evidence; with an HD security system, the cameras truly don’t lie.

If you’ve gotten this far, you know you need a surveillance system. Our trained experts at Oliver-Ramsay Security can help assist you with Camera Selection, Installation, Placement and Understanding Your System