Installing an Intelligent Video System can be a cost-effective solution to monitoring your site 24 hours a day, seven days a week through the use of high definition video analytics and advanced pattern-based algorithms.

Intelligent Video Systems can be programmed to recognise people, vehicles and other objects whilst irrelevant activity is ignored. All of this can be instantly detected and learnt upon initial set up without manual calibration.  This technology can be used for setting rules and triggering alarms as well as enabling immediate notification to security personnel or any selected mobile device when any suspect activity is recognised.

Avigilon Video Management System software also encompasses a purpose-built bandwidth management technology which helps reduce overall bandwidth and storage used compared to traditional CCTV systems.  This software utilises technology which separates and stores video streams in both small and large usable segments: smaller segments are used for situational awareness, larger segments for full image when a client requires the finest detail.